Monday, January 6, 2014

Q&A with Meryl & Margo

That Q&A I thought Meryl was going to do yesterday with her August: Osage County costar Ewan McGregor turned out to be with Margo Martindale instead.  This film is starting to seem a bit like one of Meryl's buddy pictures with how chummy these two women are on the campaign/publicity circuit, particularly following their jovial embrace at the Palm Springs Film Festival Gala two nights ago. This Q&A was one of my favorites.  Sorry it's in three separate videos.


  1. Jeff,

    Meryl mentions she had a gentleman living with her in her cabin in OK. Do
    You know who that would have been (roy hellund maybe)????

    1. I do not know. But I think Roy Hellund is a damn fine guess. I thought maybe her husband but that seems unlikely when she'd be gone most of the time and she probably would've just said "my husband."

  2. So disappointed in BAFTA. Rubbish nominations :-(

    I'm only hoping Oscar will be smarter..