Sunday, January 5, 2014

Streep accepts Icon Award at Palm Springs International Film Festival

Last night Meryl's August: Osage County costar Margo Martindale presented her with the Icon Award at the 25th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival.   This award had been given out only once before (to Michael Douglas), and is meant to recognize one who "through the course of her career, has created a body of work which denotes the highest level of achievement in the motion picture industry."  Ewan McGregor was also on hand at the Awards Gala to present his costar Julia Roberts with the "Spotlight Award"(?).

I watched most of this awards presentation online and I have to say that some of the people were a bit tough to take.  Sonny Bono's widow in particular, although I'm sure she's a very nice woman, was next to insufferable as a public speaker.  Regardless, these recognitions provided some nice publicity for August, which opens nationwide on Friday.  Harvey Weinstein was in attendance, and will evidently be traversing the coast of California today between screenings and Q&As for both August and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.  I've even read that Meryl and Ewan McGregor will both be participating in said Q&A.  Keep the ball rollin'. 


  1. Oh I fully agree that some were tough to listen to. Meryl Streep was awesome as always and so glad Margo Martindale presented the award to her. And wow...loved the leg wrap Meryl put around Margo when she hugged her. How lucky is Margo!!!!!!!!!

    1. I thought Meryl looked great and I loved both her and Margo's comments.