Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Streep to be in new Adam McKay comedy?

Thanks to Darcy for sharing info on this news. The website "What's-on-Netflix" posted an article yesterday on the status of Adam McKay's upcoming political satire Average Height, Average Build. After listing the illustrious cast members who are currently filming the movie, including Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr., Amy Adams, Danielle Deadwyler and Forest Whitaker, there was a little blurb (after the secondary characters were mentioned, mind you), saying that Meryl was "at one point in the running for" one of the characters. The character's name is apparently Annabel Jexson, and that's all we know. 

According to the article,

The movie follows a serial killer who enlists a lobbyist to change laws that will allow him to get away with murder more easily. Additionally, there is a retired cop who won’t give up on the murders, and the killer tries to prevent him from dogging his trail now that he’s hung up his gun. The serial killer turns himself into a cause celebre, a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington figure shielding his true motives.

Pattinson is playing the killer and Downey Jr. the cop. 

Okay, so this is pretty oblique news, but things like these have to come from somewhere. I have no idea if this is a legit website, but with how vague the mention of Meryl's involvement is, and how they phrase that Meryl is or was "in the running," it seems a bit strange. I expect that if Adam wanted Meryl for a role, it'd be only a matter of whether or not Meryl chose to accept. It also seems a bit strange that they wouldn't have just announced it if Meryl were involved with filming. I suppose weirder things have happened. Regardless, IF Meryl is involved with this project, it seems that it'll be a very small role, perhaps even a cameo. 

Monday, October 23, 2023

Streep honored with Princess of Asturias Award in Spain and...is single?

Meryl has been in Spain this past week to accept the Princess of Asturias Award. The prize is "awarded to individuals, entities or organizations from around the world who make notable achievements in the sciences, humanities, and public affairs." You can find the ceremony on YouTube, including a speech that Meryl gives upon receiving it. I've included an excerpt below of an interview she did with Antonio Banderas as well. It's a little annoying because the translation is pretty loud over the regular speech, but you can make out what they're saying just fine. 

In other "news" MANY sources started reporting two days ago that Meryl and her husband of 45 years, Don Gummer, quietly separated six years ago. This was actually pretty shocking. I tend not to post stuff about Meryl's personal life, unless is affects her acting career in some way. Some of my first thoughts went to whether or not their separation has perhaps altered her career trajectory in some way. Six years ago was 2017. This was the year Meryl filmed The Post. She and Don attended the Academy Awards together in 2018, so apparently they did so when they were "separated." 

Since that time, she has done The Laundromat, Little WomenBig Little Lies, The Prom, Let Them All Talk, Don't Look Up, and recently of course, Only Murders in the Building. This list may not be her most stellar string of work, but I'm hard pressed to see how her separation from Don clearly indicates a point-in-time change in trajectory. I recognize that her most recent Oscar-nominated role was right around that time, but it still just doesn't add up for me. Plus, Meryl was announced to star in Places, Please in early 2021. There were also some rumblings that same year that she may star in Babylon (technically year prior) and/or Ari Aster's Beau is Afraid.  Had it been announced that Meryl and Don had separated in the summer of 2021, I'd totally be on board with assuming it would've had something to do with her not starring in certain projects or perhaps taking a bit of an extended break. 

Of course, everything is an assumption, because we don't know any real facts. And honestly, it's not necessarily that important to me. If it's truly been six years since they split, I suspect the pair has had ample time to move on emotionally. All the best to those involved. Hopefully we get to see more of Meryl in the near future. 

Monday, October 16, 2023

Poll #17: What kind of project will Meryl do next?

You all know how impatient I get when waiting around to find out what Meryl's going to do next. There's been a dearth of projects that showcase her front and center over the past three years. I'm hoping we receive news soon of something exciting on the horizon. A lead role in a film would be great, but also would a juicy limited series. As much as I'd love to see Meryl in a play, we can only watch that once so I tend toward wanting something on screen. 

What do you think we'll get from her next?

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Episode 10 of "Only Murders in the Building"

That's a wrap! The tenth and final episode of season 3 of Only Murders in the Building aired last night and it was a doozy. I don't really want to just rehash all the plot points, but (spoiler alert) suffice it to say that Cliff technically was the killer. Donna poisoned him only to take him out of commission so that he couldn't perform and ruin her son's first Broadway production. With the plot sort of centered around these two, the standout in the episode for me was actually Linda Emond (Donna). She had a lot of screen time and some nice moments. 

There was a general theme of what mothers would do for their sons. Loretta (Meryl) attempts to tell Dickie (Jeremy Shamos) that she is his biological mother, only for Dickie to reveal that he's sensed it all along. It was a touching moment, as was the moment where Loretta gets to bask in the applause she receives for her stage performance.

Multiple outlets revealed yesterday that the show has already been renewed for a fourth season. It makes sense considering its popularity and the fact they left us with a cliffhanger of Jane Lynch's character, Sazz, being shot at the end by an unknown assailant. I think we're supposed to assume the bullet was meant for Charles, as Sazz is Charles's stunt double and was dressed like him as she went to his apartment to grab a bottle of wine for him. 

I may be in the minority in hoping that this was Meryl's only season. I tend to think it will be, as her character was planning on heading out to L.A to do a TV pilot. But you never know. It seemed like the sort of job that was meant to be a one and done like most of the other bigger names that have been guest stars. I mostly want her to move on so that we see her in other stuff. It would be a shame if she were relegated to guest spots in high-profile TV shows for the remainder of her career. But I guess I'd rather see her in season four than nothing. 

Early last year, I speculated on a potential project with a great role for Meryl which I've recently started to think a lot more about and would really love to see get greenlit. It's the kind of project that seems ripe for Meryl to simply say "yes" for it to get going. More on that coming soon. Until then, I'm patiently waiting for news on any future projects.