Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New featurette for "Mary Poppins Returns"

Disney has released a featurette for Mary Poppins Returns with new footage and comments from the cast:

The film is set for its U.S. release just one month from this coming Monday.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Meryl spotted on the set of "The Laundromat"

Filming is underway in California for Steven Soderbergh's Panama Papers drama The Laundromat and Meryl was spotted on set:

It's sort of a goofy photo of her as it looks like she was caught mid-expression. This pic certainly confirms that Meryl is not portraying slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, but likely one of the individuals negatively affected when they run into trouble with insurance claims following a boat tragedy. Meryl's character has previously been described as the "emotional through-line" of the movie.

Looking forward to 2019!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Streep talks "Mary Poppins Returns"

Entertainment Weekly ran an article yesterday with a few snippets from Meryl about her experience on Mary Poppins Returns. Much of it covers the background of how Streep got involved, mainly that she wanted to be in whatever director Rob Marshall was doing after Into the Woods. 

One interesting thing (and I think I read about this somewhere else but I can't remember where) is that they mention how Meryl's character Topsy has an "unplaceable accent," which I seem to recall being some amalgam of an Eastern European dialect. Lord knows that shouldn't be too challenging for Meryl (see Sophie's Choice).

The way she describes how crazy ambitious the picture is, I'm looking more and more forward to it. Hard to believe it'll be in theaters in less than six weeks!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Latest pics from the set of "Little Women"

Filming for Greta Gerwig's adaptation of Little Women is well underway near Boston. Last week we saw a snapshot of Meryl filming a scene, and this week we see our first look at all four March sisters together:

The four sisters from left to right in the first picture are Eliza Scanlen (Beth), Saoirse Ronan (Jo), Emma Watson (Meg) and Florence Pugh (Amy).

There was also a brief B-roll video of the four shooting a scene.

Looking forward to more shots of Meryl!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

First glimpse of Streep in "Little Women"

I've waited a few days assuming more and better photos would show up online, but it seems the best we're getting this week are random snapshots from a fan on the set of Little Women. Meryl was spotted in a carriage shooting scenes near Boston:

Streep of course portrays Aunt March, wealthy relative to the March girls. Time will tell of course exactly how large or small her part is, but by most accounts we should expect a relatively minor role. I hope this adaptation is great regardless, of course.

The film is set for a Christmas release next year. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Wish list entry #6: "The Buried Giant"

It's certainly been a while since I've devoted a single post to a literary character I'd like to see Meryl portray. If you've regularly read this blog, you know of my obsession with whether or not she was ever going to get to play Hildy Good in an adaptation of Ann Leary's bestselling 2013 novel, The Good House. The proverbial ship has seemingly sailed on that one, and not since 2012 have I suggested a completely original character from the world of fiction.

I honestly don't know what got me thinking about it, but a couple weeks ago I read a little blurb about  how the rights to Kazuo Ishguro's (known for The Remains of the Day) 2015 novel The Buried Giant had been acquired by producer Scott Rudin shortly after the book's release. There has been little to nothing mentioned about any adaptation since, but it got me thinking more about the characters.

I had read the novel around that time and don't recall any news about a screen adaptation. If I had, I probably would've immediately considered whether or not there had been a part suitable for Meryl (as I always do with stories I enjoy). The more I've thought about it now, one of the main characters, Beatrice, could potentially be a interesting role.

At the time I probably didn't really consider that Meryl would be ripe for an "elderly" woman. But if the story takes place in 6th century England, "elderly" may have been like 50. Also, Meryl will be 70 next year, and juicy parts (not there there will be a lot) for that particular demographic and maybe even slightly beyond will not be out of the question. With that in mind, I've been ruminating about the possibility of seeing Meryl tossed into a world not unlike Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings.

I've heard the book described as "melancholy" and I think that's a fair word. Beatrice and her husband Axl go on a foot journey to visit their son in another town. The trouble is, the couple's memories (and those of their community) have become increasingly hazy. They meet several characters along the way, fight illnesses and dragons and are posed with challenges to their love for each other. Themes of collective memory after tragedy or war, cultural identity and age are all explored against the backdrop of a post-Arthurian landscape.

Were the story ever to make it to the screen, I can't help but picture this as a limited series. That increasingly-favored format would be the perfect medium to capture the breadth and depth of the plot, plus build off the popularity of the aforementioned obsession with shows like Game of Thrones (but to a somewhat less violent or ostentatious level). 

I think I'm going to reread the book. Picturing Meryl as one of the main characters will  give the already-enjoyable experience a fun new twist.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Special look at "Mary Poppins Returns"

Disney has released a 'special look' at Mary Poppins Returns. It's essentially teaser trailer, except in this case the official (longer) trailer has already been released.

There's not much that's new except for a couple clips with the small children. Meryl gets another cameo nod toward the end, but I have a feeling her part is so small we're going to have to wait until it hits theaters around Christmas to see any extended scenes with her character, Topsy.