Thursday, December 13, 2018

Reviews pouring in for "Mary Poppins Returns"

With the film set for release in less than a week, official reviews have started to roll in Mary Poppins Returns. Generally, they've been pretty good, with its score on Rotten Tomatoes holding at 76% on 63 reviews, while review aggregate Metacritic lists it at a respectable score of 70.

This was never a film I expected to be a critics darling, but it's actually doing pretty well. The bigger reaction is likely going to be from audiences, as I imagine we'll see some pretty hefty receipts over the holidays. 

The film happened to have its European premiere yesterday and Meryl was on hand in London with the rest of cast, looking smart as usual:

L-R Emily Mortimer, Ben Winshaw, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Blunt, Colin Firth and Meryl Streep

And lastly, we got a little clip of Meryl in character in a new featurette:

Looks like a fun physical role, albeit small. I'm interested to hear a bit more that accent.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

SAG nominations announced

The Screen Actors Guild announced its nominations for film and television this morning. Meryl is nowhere to be found, but considering her two screen roles this year were bit parts in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and Mary Poppins Returns, it's hardly a surprise.

Great to see Emily Blunt nominated, however (both for lead in Mary and supporting for A Quiet Place)!  Following her nom for a Golden Globe last week, it's shaping up pretty well for her chances at an Oscar nomination (for Mary) . I have to expect that she'll hit BAFTA as well when those nominations on announced January 9.

Couple of surprises from this morning's announcement:

No Regina King for If Beale Street Could Talk. 
Margot Robbie (Mary Queen of Scots) in over Claire Foy for First Man.
No Sam Rockwell for Vice.
Not a single woman of color nominated for individual film role (I guess that's not actually a surprise).

I still think King will get in for Oscar, as it's very unlikely Emily Blunt will be nominated there for A Quiet Place. It's possible not a lot of people saw Beale Street in time or that screeners were sent late. Foy may miss altogether, but I'd be pretty surprised if Robbie made it ultimately. Rockwell may sneak in over Timothée Chalamet (but I hope not as I very much enjoy Timmy).

Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters in one week!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Golden Globe nominations announced

I realize that Meryl wasn't really expected to garner any award recognition for the one project she has out this year, but I thought I'd mention the nominations Mary Poppins Returns received this morning from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Not surprisingly, Emily Blunt was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy for her titular role, while Lin-Manuel Miranda also snagged a nod for his performance. The film of course also was nominated in the Best Musical/Comedy general category, along with an Original Score nod.

While Blunt might challenge for the win, I think Olivia Colman is hands down the favorite for (ha ha) The Favourite. I was surprised not to see Ryan Gosling for First Man or Viola Davis in Widows. And is Vice really a comedy or is it just a comedy the way My Week with Marilyn was a musical?

Things will come into a little better focus for Oscar prognosticating after the SAG noms are announced next Wednesdays.

Hopefully next year we'll see Meryl's name somewhere in the Drama Series category for Big Little Lies!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

First reactions positive to world premiere of "Mary Poppins Returns"

Mary Poppins Returns had its world premiere in Hollywood on Thursday and initial reactions from critics are mostly favorable. In this Entertainment Weekly article, you can find multiple reactions to the film, and while some may be mixed, folks are overwhelmingly praising Emily Blunt's performance in the iconic role of the magical nanny. 

stars Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt with director Rob Marshall (right)

Sadly, no sign of Meryl at the premiere. Official reviews are embargoed by the studio until December 12, and although we may not be able to expect universal acclaim for the picture, I'm pulling for a Metacritic score above 70 and Rotten Tomatoes score above 80. One thing I think may be safe to assume is that this move is going to make a shit-tone of money over the holiday season. 

Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters December 19.