Sunday, December 2, 2018

First reactions positive to world premiere of "Mary Poppins Returns"

Mary Poppins Returns had its world premiere in Hollywood on Thursday and initial reactions from critics are mostly favorable. In this Entertainment Weekly article, you can find multiple reactions to the film, and while some may be mixed, folks are overwhelmingly praising Emily Blunt's performance in the iconic role of the magical nanny. 

stars Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt with director Rob Marshall (right)

Sadly, no sign of Meryl at the premiere. Official reviews are embargoed by the studio until December 12, and although we may not be able to expect universal acclaim for the picture, I'm pulling for a Metacritic score above 70 and Rotten Tomatoes score above 80. One thing I think may be safe to assume is that this move is going to make a shit-tone of money over the holiday season. 

Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters December 19. 

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