Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Will Meryl star in a 2018 Black List script?

Two out the last three years, when the Hollywood "Black List" of top unproduced scripts was announced, I posted about any I thought might be a good fit for Meryl. In 2015, Nyad struck a major chord, while a year later, a little film called The Post caught my eye.

Still waiting on Nyad, and 2017's The Post of course earned Meryl her 21st Oscar nomination.  In 2017's list, there were zero script tags that stuck out as viable options for Meryl to star in a lead role. Unfortunately, this year looks to be the same.

Yesterday, the 2018 Black List was revealed to multiple sources lauding how around 40% of the stories centered around women. In itself this is great, but having searched the list, I can't say I read a single screenplay description that involved women of a certain age; namely women over 50.

This sort of makes it tough for Meryl to be a potential participant. Certainly some of the scripts mentioned don't have a lot of plot details, so there could be something out there role-wise, but it's pretty "slim pickins."

I guess we'll just have to rely on other sources (at least for the next year)!


  1. Both of your suggestions, Nyad and The Good House, we're top suggestions. I am also sorry Masterclass didn't find a way forward.

  2. It's interesting because Meryl has a fairly strong connection with the blacklist over the past few years. Hope Springs...Saving Mr. Banks (she was signed on but apparently A:OC got greenlit) then The Post. I still think Nyad and The Good House would be fantastic roles!

  3. I remember Meryl saying she initially didn't want to do A:OC so it's still surprising she dropped out of SMB. The shooting for A:OC was relatively short so I'm sorry they couldn't fit in both. Oh well.

    I agree totally about the list.

  4. I think her agents needs to scour scripts with MALE leads and see if they can be turned to FEMALE. Just like Bullock did for Gravity - which was written for a male lead.