Saturday, January 25, 2014

Anna Kendrick on Meryl in "Into the Woods"

There is a pair of videos I'd like to share.  The first is a quick blurb of Anna Kendrick talking about her experience in Into the Woods, at the end of which she mentions how "intense" it was watching Meryl perform "Last Midnight."

The second is a recent Vanity Fair video where several actors are asked what their favorite Meryl Streep movie is.  At the end, we again see Anna Kendrick, this time saying "it's going to be Into the Woods because her singing 'Last Midnight' is going to be epic."


  1. I could just listen to other actors praise her all day! And I love that actual actors and filmmakers seem to appreciate the brilliance of August more than the dim-witted critics

    1. Yes, August is definitely something actors are going to appreciate over critics. And I agree about hearing others sing Meryl's praises. I live for that shit.

    2. Helen Mirren has been given the BAFTA fellowship this year (sorta like a lifetime achievement). I thought perhaps they might have given it to Meryl this year since she wasn't a nominee but since she is still very active and has more chances at a third win I'm not sore at all.

    3. Yeah for a lot of these awards bodies it doesn't make sense for her to be given honorary or lifetime achievement awards because she's almost a perennial nominee for the real thing! Not that Mirren isn't still a possibility, but she's also a Brit.