Friday, September 27, 2013

Holmes, Swift join "The Giver"

Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift (ugh) have evidently joined the upcoming film adaptation of Lois Lowry's novel The Giver.   Not like I'm thrilled about Katie Holmes being cast, but at least she's an actress.  She is to play the main character's (Jonas) mother.  No word on which role Swift may play.  Maybe the previous "Receiver"?  Hopefully whichever part it is, it's small.  Fingers crossed that she surprises me.  

The article linked above mentioned that shooting is to begin in South Africa on October 7th, with Meryl's scenes potentially shot in the U.K. where she's currently filming Into the Woods.   That would make sense since the filming schedules overlap so much.  Here's where we stand on casting for The Giver as of today:

The Giver:  Jeff Bridges
Jonas: Brenton Thwaites
Chief Elder: Meryl Streep
Jonas's Father: Alexander Skarsgård
Jonas' Mother: Katie Holmes
Lily: Emma Tremblay
Asher: Cameron Monaghan
Fiona: Odeya Rush
annoying: Taylor Swift 


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