Sunday, September 22, 2013

First set pics from "Into the Woods"

Earlier today Broadway World provided us with the first looks from the set of Into the Woods which is currently filming near London.  Sweetheart Anna Kendrick was kind enough to post a pic of the woods to her Twitter account:

Looks pretty cool.  Also shown was an "in-construction" version of what is to serve as Rapunzel's castle, which evidently was at one point an old abbey in Surrey. 

Meryl will no doubt be in scenes in and around both of these sets.  Keep 'em comin', Anna!


  1. I'm guessing it is a closed set otherwise it would be wonderful to see this in action. I was unfortunate enough to miss the entire schedule of The Iron Lady in London even though one of the scenes was filmed 2 minutes from my home :(

    1. Yeah I don't know how that works when the set is outside. Must have to rope it off at certain areas unless it's private property. Part of me wouldn't want to see the sets live because it may take away a bit of what should feel like sort of a fantasy land. But given the chance to see Meryl work, I'd probably say what the hell.

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