Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First cast pics from "Into the Woods"

Broadway World has posted the first pics of the cast from the currently filming Into the Woods.  It appears they're filming Cinderella's (Anna Kendrick) wedding, with her Prince, Chris Pine which takes place at the end of Act I.   Included in the link are pics of many of the other cast members in various scenes from early shooting.   Sadly, Meryl is in none of these, as the Witch is not present at the wedding.  We'll get a few glimpses of her soon enough I should think.  Filming reportedly took place at Dover Castle.   


  1. Jeff, August Osage County will close the San Diego film festival Saturday Oct 5 and i have tickets to the films that day. I am so excited even though i think Harvey will change a few things by Christmas release. Hear ending still might be different then its now being shown at festival circuit. By the way Annie the musical has blinked and arrives on Dec 19 leaving Into The Woods alone at Christmas. Ken

    1. Fantastic, Ken! I'm still waiting to see which night of the Twin Cities film fest it will be shown in Oct. Regardless you'll see it before me so I'm anxious to know your thoughts on it. I'm also interested to see if they change the ending for their wide release in Dec.

      Glad to learn that Annie is coming out a week ahead of Into the Woods. The less competition the better. :)

  2. Jeff first pic of Meryl as the witch has come online. She looks intense but somewhat youthful!