Monday, November 20, 2017

"The Post" screens in New York

Although there is an embargo on official film reviews for The Post, after its Academy screening in New York City last night, some of the pundits who happened to be present have posted their not so necessarily ambiguous reactions online. A Q&A took place after the screening as well which included Meryl, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, among a few others involved with the film's making. Unfortunately, there isn't one video with the whole Q&A, but YouTube has a few shorter clips (posted by Gold Derby).  You should be able to get to the rest of them if you open the following clip in YouTube:

Leave it to Meryl to find interest in and bring attention to a human relationship that most of us probably wouldn't notice or necessarily appreciate right away. Also, Tom O'Neil at Gold Derby updated his Best Actress predictions with Meryl moved up to his top spot, among a few other Oscar prognosticators (although not all moved Meryl to first place). It's still kind of reading the tea leaves at this point, but I'm more confident in the film and Meryl's chances at recognition from what I've seen discussed thus far.

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