Thursday, November 30, 2017

Greta Gerwig to direct Meryl?

Yesterday, Showbiz411 released an article in which director Greta Gerwig is quoted as saying that she's meeting with Meryl next week to discuss a film she's writing for her. OMG!

Gerwig of course is the screenwriter and director of Lady Bird, which is currently slaying in theaters and drawing the attention of critics groups. Earlier this week, the film set a record for the most consecutive "fresh" reviews ever on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 100% score after 180 reviews (at time of posting).

I have no idea what the role might possibly be that she's written for Streep, but I have to admit, I've thought about what it might be like for Gerwig to write and direct Meryl on screen. Gerwig is likely to become only the fifth woman ever to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Director, and with that pedigree, the fact that she is specifically interested in writing a role for Meryl...well, I'm over the moon (although I still REALLY wish there were a way for Meryl to play Hildy Good in the The Good House).

Excited to see what the next year of new projects holds for our girl.

By the way, I read this bit of info on the current status of The Nix yesterday:


  1. Read meryl interview for The Poast at,she only has a small part in Mamma Mia 2. I'm not disappointed, Meryl doesn't have to carry the whole movie and they target younger audiences while Meryl fans like us will buy tickets anyway.

  2. It makes sense, she was on set for such a short time. Hope Meryl was smart enough to ask for a % of the gross for her participation this time!

    "Professional" reviews of The Post are pouring in today!