Friday, June 20, 2014

Release date for "The Homesman" moved to November 7

Variety is reporting that Roadside Attractions is pairing with Saban Films to manage the theatrical release of The Homesman.  The most recent estimates suggested an October release date, but today's press release revealed a November 7 premiere in cinemas.  Evidently they're planning an aggressive awards campaign for the film as well, mostly likely chances for recognition being Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones.

It'll be a busy several months on Word on the Streep, with The Giver opening in August, filming for Ricki and the Flash starting around that time, The Homesman opening in November and Into the Woods and likely Suffragette set for December releases.  Then Meryl is reportedly scheduled to film Master Class starting in January!  Feel the burn, girl.

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  1. No other actor over a certain age has ever been this in demand or successful. She isn't playing someone's Granny either or doing a celeb cameo. It's trailblazing...

    Meryl just relive the fond memories of your hiatus after It's Complicated!