Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy 65th, Meryl

Just a quick post to wish our girl a happy 65th birthday.  Despite now being eligible for Medicare coverage, Meryl continues to buck the perception of women over 40 being "old."  She seems more bright and lively than we've ever seen her, showing no signs of slowing down, at least when it comes to her career.  Looking forward to her projects in the coming year.

It just happens to be Senator Elizabeth Warren's 65th today as well, and as a big fan of hers, I'd like to give one of Massachusetts's best a shout out too!


  1. I assume you've seen this Meryl-list?

    1. Sure did. Read it Friday with some major disagreements, but hey, ranking every performance is a pretty big undertaking.

    2. Joseph Baker thank you for this, it was very interesting. I of course disagree with a number of them but that's the fun/ No way should August: Osage County be so far out of the top 20 though!