Thursday, June 19, 2014

First poster for "Into the Woods"

Broadway World got the exclusive on the first teaser poster for Into the Woods:

Very basic, but again, it's just a teaser.  Up next: trailer.

Recently Stephen Sondheim revealed a few of the changes Disney made to the original play.  So many people are up in arms that "they're destroying the musical."  I've read the leaked script, and although the final cut may not be the same, I don't think the changes are that monumental.  Let's have some perspective.  Hollywood has been trying to adapt this into a film since the early 90's.  When a company finally decides to fork over the money to produce it, they're going to have their own interests.  It's fucking Disney and a holiday release for Christ's sake.  They're not going to have two married characters hook up with people who aren't their spouses, and they're not going to want to kill off Rapunzel, a beloved character from one of their recent mega-hits (Tangled).

I'd love for it to be kept completely faithful to the original, to maintain the crux of the story's moral, and for the most part, it probably is.  The changes may not be ideal but I'm practical about it, as without them, we'd likely have no film version at all.

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