Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meryl to attend Toronto International Film Festival

The latest news is that Meryl and Julia Roberts will both be attending the world premiere of their upcoming film August: Osage County at next month's Toronto International Film Festival.  August will be shown on Monday, 9/9 and Tuesday, 9/10.  Less than three weeks, folks!  After this release we'll be provided a wealth of reviews and opinions on the film and its stars' performances.  I'm hoping that we'll also get a little bit of light shed on whether or not Violet Weston will be believable as a supporting role.  Regardless, I just hope it's a great film and even greater performance from our girl.


  1. So glad Meryl is attending Toronto. Maybe a sign she will
    Campaign for AOC which would boost her chances for a win.

  2. I wonder if Oprah really has the tractio to win BSA. I would hope Streep's performance knocks her
    out of the water. Streep is always judged so harshly by the critics - she wii need to be brillant...

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    2. I wonder if Oprah's performance is actually not shitty. Seeing it Friday.