Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sophia Grace Brownlee rounds out main cast of "Into the Woods"

Now that I don't have cable television, I basically never watch network shows, especially if they're on in the morning.  One can therefore understand that after I read Sophia Grace Brownlee had been cast as Little Red Riding Hood, I was like, "who the f*ck is that?"  The 10 year-old British You Tube sensation has apparently become a household name after appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show a couple of years ago with her cousin Rosie.  Subsequent appearances on the show have increased her popularity, evidently enough to get a role in a huge motion picture. 

Of course the blogosphere is in an uproar, crying that she's too young to play the role of Little Red and that her interaction with the Wolf will now seem either creepy or far too watered down to make the original lyrics make sense.  I'm going to withhold my judgement for now, as I'm sure the casting agents and director Rob Marshall have a good reason for their choice.  They obviously think the roles of both Red and Jack should really be children as Daniel Huttlestone (who turns 14 next month) has been confirmed as Jack.  Huttlestone has stated on his Facebook page that he's begun rehearsals and even posted of photo of himself with James Corden, who'll play the Baker. 

With just a handful of small roles unannounced, here's the official cast:

The Witch: Meryl Streep (confirmed)
The Wolf: Johnny Depp (confirmed)
The Baker: James Corden (confirmed)
The Baker's Wife: Emily Blunt (confirmed)
Cinderella's Prince: Chris Pine (confirmed)
Rapunzel's Prince: Billy Magnussesn (confirmed)
Cinderella: Anna Kendrick (confirmed)
Rapunzel: Mackenzie Mauzy (confirmed)
Cinderella's Stepmother: Christine Baranski (confirmed)
Lucinda: Lucy Punch (confirmed)
Florinda: Tammy Blanchard (confirmed)
Jack's Mother: Tracey Ullman (confirmed)
Jack: Daniel Huttlestone (confirmed)
Little Red Riding Hood: Sophia Grace Brownlee (confirmed)


  1. Too many casting decisions make no Swansea. This will
    Be a train wreck...

    1. Oh, I don't think it'll be a train wreck, but this latest update is peculiar. I'm excited to see set pics!