Friday, August 30, 2013

Meryl going back to lead?

Now Tom O'Neil over at Gold Derby is reporting that after a final cut has been completed of August: Osage County for its world premiere in Toronto in two weeks, it looks like the consensus may turn out be that Meryl is indeed lead after all.  Duh.  Apparently a "final decision will be announced within days."  While I'm personally pleased by the prospect of Streep getting nominated in lead instead of supporting, the original story that came out a few weeks ago about category placement is seeming more and more like a ploy by Harvey Weinstein and O'Neil to get buzz going.  Kudos to both, because it worked beautifully.  I've no doubt that with this new revelation the blogosphere will fucking explode...again.  Latest production still:


  1. Could the category ploys backfire resulting in no nom.
    at all for Meryl?

  2. I worry about that more if they try to put her in supporting. I think with how quickly the news turned around regarding placement it won't really affect things. After the premiere in Toronto next week I think we'll have a more concrete answer. My guess is that it'll be clear Meryl should go lead.

  3. I've seen the film at a screen in NY in March. Meryl is clearly a lead along with Roberts. While, Roberts gives the best performance of her career, I can't see any acting member putting Roberts above Streep on the nomination ballot. I've also seen Blue Jasmine and Blanchett is great but Meryl is amazing in A:OC. She is more in your face performance and it is very physical performance actors will respect. a 64 year old woman stomping up n down stairs, running through and getting tackled in a field and a physical fight with Roberts. Streep is stronger than ever in this movie. Back to point, Streep and Roberts are clearly co-leads.

    1. Thanks for the insight! I think I'm going to see Blue Jasmine this week, and fingers crossed A:OC at the Twin Cities film fest next month. I'm also curious about supporting players. Any chance for Martindale or Nicholson?

  4. How about the supporting players ---any standouts that may be deserving of supporting oscar nods?