Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Streep headed to South Africa for "The Giver"

Sources are reporting that Meryl will be heading to Cape Town in late September or early October to begin filming The Giver.  The shoot is expected to last six to eight weeks.  We all know that Meryl is currently busy rehearsing/shooting Into the Woods, which is expected to wrap prior to Christmas.  I imagine this situation is sort of like when she was working on Kramer vs. Kramer and Manhattan simultaneously back in the late '70s.  With a brief break from London, Meryl will likely be able to complete her work on The Giver in a week's time.  I love how many projects Meryl has going this year. 

PS--The Telluride Film Festival begins tomorrow in Colorado...the official start of awards season (smiley face emoticon).  


  1. Jeff, Go out and get a copy of the book The Good House its wonderful and Meryls role will land her an oscar nomination. Academy voters love alcoholics lol Robert De Niro will be reall great in the role of Frank. I hope your get to see August before Christmas. Venice film festival opened to great reviews for Gravity looking a possible best actress nomination for Sandra Bulluck but not a win and maybe support for clooney. Award season is here yeahhhhh Ken

    1. Ken you're right, I forgot about Venice. Interested to read some reviews on Bullock. I requested a copy of The Good House from the library the day it was announced Meryl would be doing the film. Still on pretty long wait list. Looking forward to reading it!