Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Looks like "The Homesman" is happening

The question now remains as to whether or not Meryl will be involved.  If yesterday's news of casting Tim Blake Nelson (no clue) is any indication, it seems likely that Meryl is indeed still attached to star alongside Nelson, Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank in the Western period piece.   The article makes no reference to the contrary.  In fact, it states that Swank and Streep have "already joined the picture." 

If one does a word search on IMDb, we find Meryl listed under the cast for The Homesman, but the film is not listed under Meryl's individual page.   Not quite sure how that works.  At this point I think we can assume this project is moving forward.  Shooting is slated to begin in New Mexico this spring.  If that happens, I suppose we could expect an early to mid 2014 release.  I'm still waiting to get concrete confirmation of Meryl's involvement, however.  Oh, and for Into the Woods(!).  


  1. Jeff, Looks like Meryl is the witch in film of Into The Woods. Article came out by David Krane who is the composer for film. He worked with her back in 1977 for Happy End they both did. I am so excited especially since it looks like she is in The Homesman. Hillary Swant announced her next film is with Meryl and Tommy Lee Jones. Can't wait for August. Ken

    1. Thanks, Ken! That's fantastic news. Hope it does eventually come to fruition!