Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meryl to present at Golden Globes

Jeeps, it's been almost a week since I've posted!  I was in New York for a long weekend and although no random Meryl sightings, I was occupied enough to not think about blogging.  This morning we learned that Meryl has been officially announced as a presenter at this Sunday's Golden Globe Awards.   I'm sure she'll be presenting Best Actor in a Drama, as it's fairly typical for the previous year's opposite-gendered recipient to do so.  The only major acting award she didn't win last year was the SAG, and although it is not an absolute rule that the previous winner presents at all these ceremonies, it's customary.  So, I think we can reasonably expect her to show up for the BAFTAs and certainly the Academy Awards.  Meryl tends to act fairly blasé about going to all of these award shows, but I have a feeling she actually really digs it...particularly when she's nominated.  She'll act like she can't remember how many Oscar nominations she has but I guarantee you she knows the total and for exactly which movies she was and was not nominated.  Speaking of which, nominations come out in TWO days!

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