Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: off and running

This morning I came across an article on HitFix that made some entertainment-related predictions about 2013.  In it, Kris Tapley suggests that Meryl will be making a run for her fourth Oscar with the release of August: Osage County.

"Fans of Tracy Letts's dark Oklahoma comedy will likely file this one under "no-brainer," but why not saddle up to the safe bet? The role of pill-popping, sharp-tongued Violet Weston is catnip for any actress. Indeed, when I caught the Broadway production in 2007, Estelle Parsons's understudy killed so much I wasn't too disappointed I missed the play's star. Combine that with the industry's most lauded actress and you obviously have a recipe for an Oscar run, despite the fact that she already has three to her name. That won't stop The Weinstein Company from gunning hard, now will it? I wouldn't even be surprised if the film ends up being an overall frontrunner in the race."

These are all things I've already posted about in one way another, but I'm glad to see it being reiterated by a major Oscar prognosticator. "Saddle up" indeed.

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