Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meryl lending her voice

Today we have news of two separate projects to which Meryl is providing her splendidly recognizable voice. The first is a film called Girl Rising, a portion of which was introduced yesterday at the Sundance Film Festival. It follows nine young girls in developing countries whose lives would be much improved if only they could be provided adequate educations.  Since the entire film wasn't finished, it technically was not up for any award recognition at the festival.  Although it sounds moderately interesting and is no doubt a very important cause, I likely won't see it. 

The second comes on January 31, where we can all tune in to PBS to hear Meryl narrate The '70s: Bold and Fearless.  The documentary is evidently part of a four part series PBS is producing to celebrate its 50 years of programming.  In the article I read, it recalls the fact that one of Meryl's first screen performances was in the PBS production of Uncommon Women and Others, which I happened to watch for the first time about a year ago.  Joe and I recently got rid of our cable but we can probably stream it from somewhere if I remember to look for it.   Since Meryl won't be acting in this either, I'm not particularly concerned about watching.  It's fun, however to update the masses on what she's doing professionally.    Keep your eyes out for both of these programs. 

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