Sunday, January 27, 2013

My encounter with director of "Doubt"

Well, no Meryl sightings at Minnesota Opera's world premiere of Doubt last night, but we encountered the next best thing.  Upon entering the Ordway, we stepped into the coat check line right behind none other than the librettist, John Patrick Shanley.  Keep in mind this is the man who wrote the play of the same name and then adapted the screenplay and directed the film version in 2008 starring Meryl!

I was a bit surprised he was in the coat check line, but I was confident in his identity, having recognized him from Doubt interviews and DVD special features.   I joked (not super loudly but loudly enough to be sure he heard me) that I "couldn't believe they're making the librettist stand in the coat check line."  He turned around and smiled, noticed I was on crutches (hip surgery) and said something to the effect of "whoa that looks rough."  I then said I never got the chance to see the play but that I really enjoyed the film.  He replied "hey, two out of three ain't bad!"  I then proceeded to play it cool(?) by ignoring him, handed my coat to Joe and excused myself to the restroom.  I've officially decreased my degrees of separation to Meryl from six to one.

Ps- I read that Jennifer Lawrence has pneumonia and may not be attending the SAG awards tonight. Not kidding.


  1. A Hillary Clinton movie will be made the moment Meryl says she's interested to play the outgoing SoS. XD

    1. Ha! I hope you're right! She'll have to finish up Into the Woods first. ;)