Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Web therapy" correction

I kind of feel like I need to write a retraction from my June 2nd post regarding Meryl's cameo performances on Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy. There are currently a bunch of articles that discuss season two premeiring on Showtime this week. Here I thought they were going to be new episodes, when it turns out that they're simply now airing the formerly online-only "webisodes" on Showtime with some newly filmed extended scenes to fill the half hour slot. From what I now understand, Meryl will not be in any new episodes. I happened to watch episode one last night and I thought to myself, "wait, I've seen this before." So, although Meryl's character Camilla Bowner (pronounced Bonner (hee hee)) is seen for the first time on actual TV, we Streepers know it's old news. Still worth a look!

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