Thursday, July 19, 2012

"August: Osage County" script

I don't think I've ever posted three days in a row, but this will be short.  Yesterday I finished reading August: Osage County (the play script) and it's even better than I remember it being on stage.  I know it won't happen because the play is like three and a half hours long, but I don't want them to cut any of the dialogue.  Well at least not any of Violet's dialogue.  It's so good!

Since I've been obsessing about August, I've sort of been neglecting news for Meryl's new film Hope Springs, which opens in just three weeks.  Check out Simply Streep for a brief interview with Meryl and Tommy Lee Jones regarding the new film.  It just so happens that the film opens the day before my birthday.  No big deal.


  1. I love your dedication to Meryl, keep the posts coming.

    Also, Hope Springs comes out the day before you birthday?! Looks like you know what you're going to have to get yourself as an early birthday present ;)

  2. Jeff, Abigail Breslin has been cast as Jean the pit smoking daughter of Julia Roberst in August Osage County. Like the choice she will be great in it. Glad u finished the great script they better not cut anything from the play it's too Sam good. Ken

    1. Wow Ken you are on it! Breslin is a great choice. What's even more exciting is that they still have the very juicy roles of Ivy, Mattie Fae and Little Charles to announce. Woo hoo! I guess I'll have to make it four days in a row that I publish a post.

  3. Jeff, We are like dogs on a bone awaiting the latest casting. Think u might be right they have casted this but slowly letting us nerds find out lol . Enjoy your posts and hope for update later. Ken

  4. little charles = benedict cumberbatch?