Sunday, July 8, 2012

Andrea Riseborough added to "August: Osage County" cast

After a weekend "up north" at my parents' cabin, I'm back home celebrating a Wimbledon win by my favorite tennis player Roger Federer and the announcement that English actress Andrea Riseborough is in final negotiations to star alongside Meryl in August: Osage County.  I had never heard of Riseborough, but learned that she recently played Wallis Simpson in W.E.  Considering my affinity for the history of the British monarchy, I now have a good excuse to force Joe to join me in checking out Riseborough in action (in addition to the fact that I'll be playing a new game with him the moment his crokinole board arrives in the mail Tuesday). 

Riseborough would play Karen, the youngest daughter in the Weston family.  At 30, she's quite a bit younger than the character is written in the play (40), but I really don't think that matters much, as these days it's not particularly easy to detect actors' ages on-screen.   Plus, they're probably just casting the entire film a little younger than the play.  With the rumors of Chris Cooper's involvement swirling over the last week, we can likely expect regular updates with cast announcements over the next several weeks.   After that comes filming in September, production stills, interviews, and then...the buzz