Friday, January 13, 2012

White-knuckling it

No, not because it's Friday the 13th. It's because I could feasibly walk out of my house at anytime and go see The Iron Lady. Yet I restrain myself because I'm a good friend and am waiting until Scooter and I can see it together, which isn't until Sunday. Two days! Ugh. But again, I've waited this friggin' long, what's blah, blah, blah. It'll be quite the couple of days, as after the movie, I'll basically be heading home to start watching Golden Globe coverage. Which reminds me, I need to fill out my damn ballot. Then on Monday, since Scooter has the day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I'm an upper extremity invalid for the time being, we'll we watching Angels in America in its entirety. We do NOT mess around. Scooter's never seen it, so it should be a fun day of Meryl and fat.

In other news, we know that Viola Davis won the Critics' Choice Award last night for Best Actress. This may very well be the start of her inevitable steamroll through the remainder of the awards season. Sunday night's results will be hugely telling. Meryl brings up Viola and her performance in The Help regularly, suggesting that Meryl is strongly pulling for her. That may well be, and it's certainly admirable on Meryl's part, but I don't believe for a second that Meryl doesn't really want to win. I can't help but think about Meryl's SAG acceptance speech in 2009 for Doubt in which she implores for someone to "my God give her (Davis) a movie!" Perhaps it's a bit of vindication for Meryl that Viola is so deservedly being recognized now. The consummate "humility" of Streep. Tactics? I wonder.