Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another nomination shocker

Meryl was nominated this morning for a BAFTA award for The Iron Lady. It would've been bigger news had she not, just like it will be bigger news a week from today if she is not nominated for an Oscar. Although breaking her own record is kinda neat. Do I dare say that I'd be surprised if she doesn't win the BAFTA? I mean, after the Globe win, the British Academy voting on a Margaret Thatcher film with Meryl Streep in the lead role? Yeah.

In other news, I slightly got into it today with Sasha Stone over at awards daily. We respectfully disagreed on her "Weinstein Globes" post from a couple days ago and I'm surprised she responded to my comment, but it's fun. After reading the stuff that some of these nutbag bloggers wrote on the same thread, my comments seemed pretty tame in comparison. I enjoy being part of the dialogue though and think I held my ground defending this dog-and-pony-show site. People get so intense and defensive but it tickles me to poke the bear. Speaking of, time to poke the fire. It's 13 degrees and dropping in Minne.

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