Friday, January 6, 2012

Commence film-going onslaught

I'm one week out of shoulder surgery and things are going pretty well, which is to say I've managed to leave the house a few times. I've been able to keep very abreast of the latest Meryl news of course, and things are really starting to heat up now in the race for that little golden guy. Despite receiving very little recognition from film critics, Viola Davis is probably still the front-runner, at least according to gold derby. Meryl is a close second, followed by Michelle Williams. Some might argue that Meryl is the front-runner. I have to admit that she probably has the best chance for a win since 2002's Adaptation. I mean, a more perfect campaign could not have been forged. Let's break it down.

Firstly, there's the release date postponement for The Iron Lady, which keeps Meryl's performance and the accolades people give her more fresh in our minds, come Academy Awards time. Secondly, she was recognized as a Kennedy Center honoree, and is now to receive the Berlin Film Festival lifetime achievement award next month. Lots of buzz and attention from these, on top of being featured on 60 Minutes and doing numerous promotional interviews. Thirdly, she has the Harvey Weistein machine behind her, and we know how effective that can be (The King's Speech).

Despite all of these things being in place, I know Oscar history, especially as it pertains to Meryl, and she still has an uphill battle for the win. The Globes and the SAGs will be the ultimate predictors. Therefore, it's time to start pounding the theater pavement to see some of the other films that will be in contention, in addition to Iron Lady, of course. Joe, and I saw Shame the other day (3/5 stars), and my friend Kristan and I will be seeing a double feature tomorrow of Young Adult and The Artist. It. Is. On.

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