Monday, January 30, 2012

Release date moved up for "Great Hope Springs"

I've been saying for a while that I don't understand why a film that wrapped in October 2011 won't be released until December the following year. Well, it looks like it'll be happening about four months earlier now, on August 10, 2012. Incidentally this happens to be one day before my birthday and two days before the one-year anniversary of the launching of Word on the Streep! Seems more practical for an earlier release, especially since it's a rom-com and unlikely major Oscar bait. Which makes me wonder if Meryl will work on filming anything this calendar year. Suppose it depends on when Tina Fey completes the screenplay for Mommy & Me. After that, the only thing we've heard is the (now evidently slim) possibility of pairing with Julia Roberts in August: Osage County. I did a little digging and a blurb from this article has me again cautiously optimistic. Fingers still very crossed.

In other news, congratulations to Viola Davis on her SAG award last night. Duh.

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