Friday, January 20, 2012

Add London to the list

The other day Meryl was recognized by the London film critics as best actress for you know what. Again, not a stretch considering the film's subject. I sort of debated whether or not I wanted to blog about it because I don't typically consider this site purely an update machine. I prefer simplystreep and awardsdaily for that. However, I like to add my two cents (after all it is called Word on the Streep), and although these awards are no doubt nice for her, I still think the two biggest remaining awards are Viola's to lose. That would be sort of win-win for me anyway. Viola would be recognized as a superb African American actress in a lead role (smirk), and Meryl would retain her "due" status for upcoming years. That's really what it's about. People have a hard enough time awarding her something now, can you imagine in a year or two if she had three Oscars? Yeah, let's keep her relevant during awards season, if for no other reason but to keep me interested and happy.

In very unrelated news, I hope everyone is watching the Australian Open (go Federer!) and Downton Abbey. I have Joe's sister to blame for hooking me on the latter. More like obsessed, as I watched the entire first season yesterday. What can I say, I want to be Maggie Smith's character.

Goddammit I can't wait until I can type with both friggin' hands.

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  1. I think it's probably time to start a maggie smith blog.