Sunday, January 29, 2012

SAG predictions

Hey there, Streep peeps. First off I just have to say how happy I am to be typing my blog update two-handed for the first time in a month! Beat it, sling. Anyway, two nights ago Meryl received the Best Actress award from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts for The Iron Lady, in a presentation naturally held in West Hollywood(?). Congratulations, I guess. In far more momentous news, tonight the Screen Actors Guild bestows its honors to actors in film and television, and you-know-who is of course nominated. Although Meryl won the Globe, I don't see it happening for her tonight. It's certainly possible, but I feel pretty strongly that both the SAG and Oscar will go to Viola. I'll be watching the ceremony with Scooter and Kristan. My ballot for film (we don't bother with the TV categories) is as follows:

Film ensemble: The Help
Actor: George Clooney (The Descendants)
Actress: Viola Davis (The Help)
Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer (Beginners)
Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer (The Help)

Most of the planet probably made the same top picks and there is a small chance of someone other than those listed above winning, but highly unlikely in my opinion. It would certainly shake things up for the ultimate prize in four weeks. Good luck, M.

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