Thursday, December 8, 2011

New "Iron Lady" trailer revealed

Another Iron Lady trailer has been released, I'm guessing a more mainstream U.S. promotional vehicle. Compared to the U.K. trailer released a few weeks ago, this seems more dramatic, less caricature-ish, and frankly, interesting. Without a doubt it's still all about Meryl, but I'm looking forward to the possibility that the movie might not suck.

Meryl retains the top spot on the movieline and gold derby leader boards. Still five weeks before I'll likely see the film when it's released nationwide in the states, unless I somehow score tickets to an early screening or something. Chances are low on that one, however. I'll probably be too preoccupied trying not to be a huge bitch to everyone with my are in a sling. Can't wait(?). Here's the new trailer:

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