Saturday, December 10, 2011

Straight from the horse's mouth

And what a prized mare she would be. I snooped around the internet, or should I say "scooped?!" (that was bad), and read a promotional interview Meryl did recently for The Iron Lady, and at the end of the transcript the interviewer asked her if she's doing Mommy & Me. Meryl said yes and that's she's excited about it! I too am excited because one, I love any news or confirmation about a new role from Meryl, and two, Tina Fey is divine.

I wonder if I'm the first Streeper to take notice of this bit of info. Like I mentioned above, this might actually be scoop because I haven't seen anyone freaking out about it yet. Forget all the hoopla surrounding upcoming projects about which people speculate ad nauseum. Here, Meryl is directly quoted as saying (regarding Mommy & Me), "Tina Fey is writing it as we speak. I'm very excited about it." Not that I know much about the credibility of "The Phillipine Inquirer," but I'll cautiously count it as legit. Check out the article.

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