Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meryl recognized by New York Film Critics online

Meryl has received the Best Actress award for The Iron Lady from the New York Film Critics online. This is her second critics award of the season, and the second from a New York group. This probably isn't super significant, other than the fact that again, it wasn't Viola Davis. L.A. Film Critics gave their award today to Yun Jung-hee in Poetry (um, ok) and Boston to Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn. The awards have sort of been all over the place for best actress thus far, although Meryl has received two. It would take a miracle for her not to get an Oscar nod at this point. The Globes and SAG nominations are actually being announced already this week, and I'm anticipating nods from both groups for Meryl.

A bit more on the lack of love for Viola. From what I've seen so far, Davis has not been awarded best actress by any of the film critics circles. Apparently she was runner-up today for NYFC online (to Meryl), but no one has given her the top spot yet. We've seen NY, NBR, LA, and Boston vote...and not a single win for Viola. Now, we know from history that Oscar is a lot different from critics circles, and I feel that the Golden Globes and SAG awards will be the best measure of what to predict, as usual. The critics' recognition is more a sign of whom we can expect (at least a top three prediction) to get nominations for the Globes, SAGs and Academy Awards. I've read that Weinstein is putting My Week with Marilyn in the musical/comedy category for the Globes. Williams sings like "a" song in it, and it by no means can be considered a comedy, in my opinion. I've seen it. So lame. Well, better shot for him to have both Michelle and Meryl come away with trophies from the Hollywood Foreign Press, I guess. Regardless, I'm excited for the announcements on Wednesday and Thursday. Staying tuned.

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