Thursday, December 1, 2011

National Board of Review Awards announced

Meryl didn't win. I feel so lame now that after she's won the NYFCC award I get disappointed if her name isn't announced. Tilda Swinton took the honor for We Need to Talk About Kevin. If anyone were going to win over Meryl, Swinton was probably the least worrisome option as far as Meryl's prospects for future accolades. For so long Meryl was sort of riding behind Michelle Williams and in particular Viola Davis. Had either of those two won, I feel like buzz would switch back to them in greater proportion than it had been even prior to Meryl's win. Swinton had sort of dropped off the radar in most of the major Oscar prediction charts, yet from what I've read her performance is fantastic. Granted, this is only the second award of the season and the scenario with Williams/Davis could totally still happen the way I've described. But hey, that's why I have a blog for Christ's sake.

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  1. quick! Name the movie Tilda and Meryl were in together.