Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Of course I got the January issue of Vogue today with Meryl on the cover. By now we all know that she, at 62, is the oldest woman ever to grace the cover of this famed mag. I've already blogged about how it's kind of weird that Meryl is on the cover of a magazine whose editor is a woman she has essentially characterized onscreen, so I'll spare my reader further analysis of that psychology. Far more interesting is the story by Tonne Goodman, covering Meryl's publicity of The Iron Lady and her push for a new women's history museum on the National Mall.

First and foremost, Meryl looks beautiful on the cover. Few women possess her natural presence in front of a camera. The article inside isn't super long, but it had a couple of fun tidbits that caught my attention. I enjoyed the writer quoting director Phyllida Lloyd as describing Meryl's performance as Maggie Thatcher as "not an impersonation on any level. It's an incarnation. Of a very particular kind." Incarnation is typicallly defined as an embodiment. The latter word is certainly thrown around a lot to describe hyped-up roles, but I have little doubt that in this particular case it's apropos.

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  1. Can I please see The Iron Lady with you and Joe when it comes to a theater near us?? (Also- SOPHIE'S CHOICE post-surgery!)