Monday, December 26, 2011

Meryl for Christmas

There are exactly two screen performances out of Meryl's entire career that I have yet to view. Both were gifted to me by my parents for Christmas. Neither of them are feature films, of course, as the only of those I haven't seen is The Iron Lady (which isn't even available to me yet in Minneapolis--less than three weeks!). They are the two made-for-tv films in which she's starred: Uncommon Women and Others (1978), and ...First Do No Harm (1997). I also received the miniseries Angels in America (2003), but I've seen that a couple times. I plan on waiting to watch them until at least Friday, when I'm having surgery on my stupid shoulder and will thereafter be practically useless for weeks. Little does Joe know that he may be doing a little more typing than he's used to in the coming weeks. Eh, he's a fast typist.

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