Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Results of poll #3

Jeeze I almost forgot to comment on the results of poll #3: Which film would you remove from Meryl's biography?  I personally selected The House of the Spirits.  The main reason of course is that it's just an awful film.  In fact, my friend Scooter and I tried to re-watch it a few years back and had to stop after about twenty minutes because it was so bad.  Secondly, the film is a whitewashed version of a book that supposed to take place in South America.  The characters are supposed to be Chilean, but half of them are just super white Anglo-Saxon.  We could debate for hours the multiple questions and problems that involves, but I tend to be someone who prefers realism in narrative films such as this, and the casting drew me out of the story immediately.

Just as many people chose Before and After as did The House of the Spirits, and with good reason.  Before and After is arguably a worse film, but House of the Spirits was supposed to be a slam dunk of assembled talent and story.  Considering that House had the potential to be a great film and fell so far from that, I had to give it the edge over Before and After, which probably had fewer major problems overall.

What should we do for the next poll?


  1. The performance that required the most from Meryl? Which Oscar is she most annoyed to lose? Hmmm

  2. Real-life personalities/historical figures we would love to see Meryl take on? What accent and/or voice reproduction did she nail the best? Which director would we like to see Meryl work with next (that she hasn't worked with before... would be fun for you to pair her with directors with distinctive styles i.e. Wes Anderson, live action of course as we know her history with FMF, Kathryn Bigelow, Tarantino...)

    - Jack

  3. Directors and actors/actresses we would love Meryl to work with? David

  4. How about favorite non- oscar nominated film role?- Jamie

  5. You guys! These are all fantastic ideas! I will will make a poll of each of these ideas at some point, but one in particular above sparked my interest the most. I'll post soon.

    1. Wes Anderson directed Fantastic Mr. Fox, for which Meryl had s voice part.