Saturday, October 31, 2015

Streep honored with Britannia Award

Streep was on hand last night in Los Angeles to be honored with the Stanley Kubrick Award for excellence in film by BAFTA Los Angeles.  Introduced by director Stephen Frears, who earlier this year directed her in the upcoming Florence Foster Jenkins, Meryl ironically sported a lovely tuxedo as the first woman to be recognized with the award.  


The event was also attended by the great Amy Schumer, on hand to accept the Charlie Chaplin Award for comedy.  Schumer thanked "God" saying "by God, I mean Meryl Streep."  If there were any possibility of Meryl in fact being in consideration to portray Amy's mom in the upcoming Jonathan Levine comedy, there seems to have certainly been ample opportunity to network.  IMDb Pro now has that film slated for a 2017 release, which of course suggests a 2016 filming start.  Meryl's schedule seems to be rather barren in the upcoming months as far as film production goes.  A couple days ago I came across info that suggests one of her "in development" projects may still have life.  More on that tomorrow.  


  1. Long Winded PessimistOctober 31, 2015 at 5:00 PM

    Ah I so enjoy seeing Meryl get awards...I pray we get video-she never disappoints with her speeches! I just don't understand what she's doing lately- basically just going around promoting people's work other than her own... "India's Daughter", "Song of Lahore," all this promoting for Suffragette which she's hardly in... and with the Berlin FF in February I don't see her filming anything until March at the earliest (even that's generous since we haven't heard of any real confirmed projects). I get that she's getting older and probably is feeling more pressure than ever to make a difference in the world, but it seems like a waste for her to be spending months just attending random screenings when she has such a unique gift with acting. Bringing roles to life is where she uniquely can make the biggest difference imo. At this point I'm wondering if Meryl isn't really being offered roles anymore. She's always making comments about she hopes this or that does well so she can keep working.. I find it hard to believe but the way she talks it's as if there's no demand for her at all. It's not like she's really taking time off with all these random appearances...Is it possible that she really isn't being offered many projects lately since she hasn't had a true box office hit in years? It just seems strange to me that our best working actor has literally nothing in the works. ???? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure I even want Meryl in an Amy Schumer movie- I mean I do find her funny and talented but Meryl is the epitome of class and Schumer is not. Meryl is timeless while Amy's extremely raunchy brand of humor seems fadlike to me. We'll see though, based on her speech at the Elle ceremony it didn't even seem like Amy had ever met Meryl before. And maybe I know less than you, but if that mention of "The Good House" in that one article is the "in development" project you're referring to that didn't seem all that promising.

    1. Yes, it's the article that mentions The Good House. I agree it's not a lot of info, but I'm still going to possibly post about it tomorrow to give my thoughts as to why it may still be a thing.

      You don't consider Into the Woods a true box office hit? THe film made over $200 million worldwide on a $50 million dollar budget.

      I absolutely believe Meryl is still sought after as an actress. I believe that she doesn't promote other things simply because she feels "pressure" to in old age, but that she truly feels these are important causes that she'd like to lend her name to. It all helps in getting female movie makers recognized, and that in turn keeps actors like her working.

      I have to disagree about Schumer. Yes, she raunchy, but she's a smart person who seems to understand a lot of important nuances about characters (females particularly) and I wonder if Meryl may be drawn to that.

      Let's also keep in mind that Meryl historically takes breaks from filming. I see nothing sinister about it if that's indeed what's happening here. I mean, she just wrapped a film in July, is currently promoting one in theaters and just because there's no concrete news of a filming schedule doesn't mean she's not doing anything next year for release in 2017.

  2. Long Winded PessimistOctober 31, 2015 at 6:04 PM

    I do consider "Into The Woods" to be a modest hit- I just don't consider it to be a "Meryl" movie- it wasn't mainly sold on her name and she had limited screen time. It wasn't a "hit" for Meryl in the same way movies like "Julie & Julia" and "It's Complicated" were- blockbusters that made a lot of money with Meryl as the clear star. She hasn't really had a hit like that since 2009. She probably never will again, I mean I am realistic. She is in her late sixties now. I don't expect her to ever have the same explosion in box office and all around popularity that she did 7-8 years ago. That was a miracle in itself. But still I'd like her wide-releases to do well- a box office disappointment like Ricki and the Flash scares me because I don't want studios to think she's no longer bankable.

  3. Long Winded....STREEP SAID SHE WAS GOING TO TAKE A LONGER BREAK AFTER FILMING FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS. A true fan would not be so pessimistic about Ms. Streep.

  4. Meryl took a break after Music of the Heart... Came back with Adaptation and The Hours... She took another break after It's Complicated and came back with The Iron Lady and winning her third Oscar.... She has taken breaks before (2-3 years) and always comes back strong... She has deserved a break and I believe will come back with some very strong and high profile pic... First up though.... Let's see if a 20th nomination happens for Florence.... Very excited about the upcoming year - Jamie

  5. Obviously she does a good management of her career and she certainly knows Florence will be a huge success amogst the audiences and the critics. I believe Florence could be her great success in a leading role after The Iron Lady. Concerning Into the Woods, she is really the soul of the movie and makes the difference with her interpretation and vocal capacities. She just wants to rest and shoe knows she has a great hit in 2016. At the end of the year she will be choosing the roles to 2017. Trust me, she doesn't want to stop, she won't do it so soon. Thanks God!

    Hugo, Portugal