Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Streep named Jury President for Berlin Film Festival

Variety is reporting that Meryl will serve as the jury president at the Berlin International Film Festival in February.  This marks the first time Streep has been on a film festival panel.  Among her duties, she will involved in deciding, with others on the jury, which awards will be allocated to which films.

It's fun to see Meryl getting her hands a bit dirty in other aspects of film over the past few years.  She's conducted her first master class, funded a women's screenwriting lab and now this.  Certainly keeping busy.  I look forward to her involvement in this latest endeavor.

The Berlin International Film Festival runs from February 11-21, 2016.



  1. February is such an odd time to have a film festival - all the big ones for the year are already released for Oscar's pleasure!

  2. Yeah, but I think it's often for more independent films that have potential for being purchased by larger distribution companies that wouldn't otherwise be shown during awards season.