Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ryan Murphy wants to work with Meryl

Happened upon this today.  Over the weekend at the Entertainment Weekly Fest, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy was asked whom he'd like to work with.  See his response below:

Earlier this year I learned that it was indeed Murphy who was going to produce and/or direct Meryl in Dirty Tricks, an adaptation of the play about Martha Mitchell back around 2007.  I've also made it known that I'd think it a coup if he were able to team Meryl with Susan Sarandon in the 'making of' Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? project that HBO declined to produce when Murphy pitched Sarandon and Jessica Lange in the lead roles.

It's just fun to hear filmmakers reveal their interest in working with Streep.  Any connection to projects that I want to see Meryl do is worth my time so couldn't resist posting about this.


  1. I'm not doubting his talent but this man spreads himself a little thinly in my opinion. I don't really like the idea of Meryl jumping on the bandwagon of someone who is popular right now. Isn't he meant to be directing Jessica Lange on Broadway next year as well?

    I would, however, like to see Dirty Tricks finally get off the ground and like our Pessimist friend I am eager for another project to get confirmed...

    1. I'm not particularly interested in Meryl joining AHS either, and I'd be shocked if it came to fruition.

      If Dirty Tricks actually happened at this point, I wonder if Meryl would still be involved. Although Mitchell died at age 57, so if it somehow came together in the next 1-2 years, Meryl could pass for that no problem.

    2. Oh gosh, no offence to anyone involved but I think Meryl is a little beyond the reach of american horror story! Can you imagine? Maybe she could guest star as Lady Gaga's mother and win a best guest Emmy? hehe

      Saying that, I am very grateful to Murphy for giving us Matt Bomer without his pants! :o