Monday, October 19, 2015

Amy Schumer mother-daughter project moves forward

Well, it's far from having Meryl confirmed, but hypothesizing on Streep's future projects is possibly my favorite pastime.  As early as July, Meryl's name was mentioned as 'in consideration' to portray Amy Schumer's mother in a new comedy.  The details of the plot have been kept under wraps, but as far as I understand, it roughly follows a mother-daughter duo while on a vacation in Brazil.

At the time I first posted about this, there was not even a director attached.  Since then however, Jonathan Levine has been circling the project.  Today, he was "locked" as director.  Earlier reports had indicated that producers were hoping to begin filming before the end of the year.

Here's where I get a little too inventive.  I'm not sure how many people saw my fairly recent comments on how fun I think it would be if Meryl were not only involved in this project, but that she played Schumer's mother as a Brazilian ex-patriot.  What a perfect opportunity to play a legit Latina!  I may illicit a few furrowed brows with this suggestion, but let me remind you that Brazil houses millions of native whites, so it wouldn't be a major stretch for Meryl to portray a Portuguese-accented mom. I thought it'd be a fun arc in the story, and it may make the part a bit more enticing to Ms. Streep.

I realize this is far-fetched...even for me.  Laugh only when I'm confirmed wrong.  Stay tuned.


  1. Hello, Jeff!

    I tottaly agree with you. Being a Portuguese and having been thrree times in Brazil I can assure you all kinds of ethic origins can be found there, and that Meryl could look like many Brazilian ladies you find in Brasilia, São Paulo or Rio Grande do Sul. It would be huge to combine so intense and wild styles of comedy, but also challenging to a magnificent carreer in whcih sometimes it is hard to surprise. Fingers crossed and faith in good Meryl's cinema!


    1. Thanks for the comment, Hugo! So glad you agree!