Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New trailer for "Into the Woods" tomorrow and Streep nominated for People's Choice Award

Moviefone has revealed new character posters for Into the Woods.  In the article it's reported that a full and final trailer will be released tomorrow.  If that's true, it seems my hunch about it happening before the weekend was correct.  Can't wait!

I love how it's actually a gif and not just a pic.  In other, less exciting news, yesterday Meryl was nominated for her billionth People's Choice Award.  Her nom is in the category Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress.  The Giver was also nominated for Favorite Dramatic Movie, so I'm guessing Mery's recognition is for her role as the Chief Elder?  Weird.  The full list of nominees can be seen here


  1. As much as I love awards recognition, I feel when Meryl is nominated just by being in a film, it devalues when she is in serious contention. I think some of the lesser awards think they will gain more credibility by having Streep or another great talent on their list. I'd rather The Giver just died and went away at this point as well.

    Loved the article where the musical director for Into The Woods said Meryl's live rap was one of the most impressive things he'd every seen! Someone took her greens! :-)

  2. Jeff, Trailers out and its brilliant. Meryl is only one who sings in it. I cant wait for Christmas Day Ken