Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Full trailer for "Into the Woods" by this weekend?

The teaser trailer for Into the Woods was released at the end of July.  Since then we've all been patiently waiting for the full trailer.  Our appetites were temporarily satiated a couple of weeks ago with the featurette Disney revealed which included some behind the scenes footage and (gasp) actual singing from cast members.  Now that we're into November and the film is set for a wide release at the end of next month, a trailer has to happen soon, right?

Disney's new animated film Big Hero 6 is set for release this Friday, November 7.  I imagine this is the perfect opportunity to market Into the Woods by having a trailer precede Big Hero.  If that's true, we may get the trailer revealed online as early as tomorrow or Thursday.  Fingers crossed!

p.s.- I've updated the film countdown for The Homesman on the right, as it's evidently going to hit theaters (limited) on Friday, November 14.

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