Thursday, November 20, 2014

New clip of Streep singing "Stay With Me"

A new featurette was released this morning with an extended clip of Meryl performing "Stay With Me" from Into the Woods:

Um, that was incredible.  The emotional intensity combined with the vocals....Meryl is in serious contention for an Oscar win.  

In other unfortunate news, most of you have probably learned today of the untimely and tragic death of director Mike Nichols.  He and Meryl were close friends and worked together on Silkwood, Heartburn, Postcards from the Edge, Angels in America and were set to begin filming Master Class early next year. The film industry has lost one of the best, and this of course leaves the future of Master Class unknown. I'm certain he will be greatly missed.


  1. Sad news, very talented man.

    I love this clip, her facial expressions reminds me of how she performed Margaret Thatcher, especially when she was making her points in the cabinet scene. Love also how she makes her eyes dart around.

    Growing more excited for the film..

  2. Just saw another clip - officially hating James Corden's performance so far