Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Xavier Dolan wants to work with Meryl

Recent Cannes Jury prize-winning director Xavier Dolan stated in an interview yesterday that he would like to work with both Meryl and Kate Winslet.  Dolan's newest film, Mommy, was just awarded the Jury Prize (essentially third place) at the Cannes Film Festival.  At only 25, the Quebec native obviously shows enormous skill and promise, having already directed a handful of critically-acclaimed films.  He also writes the screenplays for his movies, which tend to feature fantastically complex and interesting women.  As his English-language film debut approaches, it's exciting to consider the prospect of Streep being involved.

Dolan is the second director in the past week to be quoted as saying he'd like to work with Streep, coming off of Joel Hopkins's comments about teaming Meryl with Emma Thompson.  A little over a year ago Quentin Tarantino expressed similar wishes (which I doubt will ever happen considering his affinity for gratuitous gun violence).  With Jonathan Demme helming Ricki and the Flash later this year, are we going to see a string of films from Streep under the eye of some very notable directors?  Yes, please.

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