Friday, May 9, 2014

New clip from "The Homesman"

It doesn't include Meryl, but it's nice to see an extended scene of the two main characters:

As you can see from the subtitles, this clip was released in France for the film's upcoming in Cannes.  No U.S. distributor yet, but that's likely a matter of time.


  1. "Help you tend your cuckoo clocks..." haha wicked!

    I was never that interested in this film and the trailer didn't help but now I am intrigued. I think it could actually be something really good - I just hope they expand Meryl's part a little so she isn't gone in a flash.

    1. Meryl's part shouldn't only be like 30 seconds. It's likely only one major scene toward the end. It'll definitely be several minutes if faithful to the book, just not something that would likely garner awards buzz.